A couple of opinions, please?

  1. Two Issues...
    First, I left a f/t job in a very large OR, to work per diem in a small OR and , a p/t positin in a res. facility for kids with behavior/psych disorders..for the benefits. My question is, I want to have alot of options of shifts, and being the OR, the weekends are basically out, and I will be available all weekends.
    so.....I want to float to other departments, like one of the floors... but I never actually worked on a floor as a RN...I was a tech, and of course 3 yrs of clinical in nsg school... but I worked OR, some special care nursery, home care, .. but no floors... so ,I am not a new nurse, but I dont have *that* kind of experience either... so do you think I could learn it, in say, 5 or 6 shifts of training? I know its all individual, but I am just looking for opinions...
    Second question.... scenario: You sent a resume, got a call back , but they left a message and told you to get back to them . (the mgr) You call, and call, and call, leaving messages, but they dont call back. (mgr) This is a very busy place.... and on top of it, this is a facility where very early on in your career, you left w/o notice, and they placed you on a do not rehire list...Would you keep calling? Since the mgr *did* actually call you once to try to make contact... ...????????? Do places *ever* reconsider the do not rehires, for certain circumstances?
    Thanks so much....
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  3. by   NurseguyFL
    As far as floating to the floors go, have you considered shadowing a floor nurse for a couple shifts to see if its something you really want to do? Depending on what type of floor you are considering floating to, you may find that it is a very different game compared to working in the OR. For one thing, you are going to have more patients to take care of so a whole different level of time management skills comes into play. Just something to think about.

    Re your second question, you say you keep calling and leaving messages. How many times did you call, and how many messages did you leave? One follow-up voicemail is ok if you left a message before and the manager doesn't call back. I wouldn't leave any more messages than that if I were you. If this manager was really interested in interviewing you she would have called you already. If they put you on a do not rehire list then, more likely than not, you are still on that list. Perhaps the manager didn't realize this before she called you the first time. I would say skip this one and look elsewhere.
  4. by   Gromit
    Same here. While I have gotten into jobs by being a 'squeaky wheel' before, there are times when you have to say 'oh well' and move on to other options. This one sounds like one of those.