A change in school......no lasalle for me

  1. A change in school......no Lasalle (www.lasalle.edu) for me. yup thats right after finding out i wasnt getting a lot of fin aid i called it quits. their tuition is $34,500 a year!!!!!! My fin aid grant (free money) was only 11,500... so i am suppossed to take out that huge loan? I dont think so! so this is my decission, I am going to apply to Jefferson University (www.tju.edu), I just met with an admission rep and academic advisor. I only have three classes to take because i have mosty of them done. i have to take economics, abnormal psych, and biochem. so its not to bad, i am a little dissapointed that i cant start until fall 2005, but theres a good side to this decission also. i figured i will probaly only go to school one or two semesters and i will just continue to work full time, save some cash, this way when i start my program i can change my work schedule to pool or something and i will have cash saved to help pay tuition and living expenses. i am gonna miss school full-time but at the same time it should be nice to have a break. during my time off i think i will go over my a&p, micro, and nutrition, and i was thinking of buying some nursing books (the made easy ones) and just reading them... i dont know. well its been real! anyone else have/been through the same situation????? bye now
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  3. by   manna
    Holy moly! 34K a year! I don't think I'd be going there either... eek!

    Good luck!
  4. by   colleen10
    Hi MsJKM,

    I think you are making a good decision for yourself. The one thing I regret about my Bachelor's is all the loan money I had to take out and I didn't take out nearly as much as you would have to.

    Good Luck,
  5. by   Kiwi Nurse 2 Be
    I can completely understand how you feel....34K is alot of money!! The good side to this is TJU is a really good school...a friend of mine graduated from their nursing program, and I almost went there myself! Starting school in 2005 is not so bad...it'll be here before you know it! Keep us posted on your acceptance at TJU!!