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  1. by   -jt
    <No, a nurse educator is not faced with staffing ratio's, disease exposure, etc..>

    a nurse educator may not be directly at risk for these things in the classroom but what about in clinical? and what about for her students? Nurse educators certainly are faced with those things. Nurses in all facets of nursing should be concerned with what each other is facing.

    FYI..... it was the ANA that led the fight to get national legislation passed to protect all healthcare workers (not just bedside nurses) & obtained the new Needlestick Prevention laws that all facilities must now compy with. Other organziations that represent nurses worked with the ANA to get this law passed. And yes ANA represents nurse educators - it also is fighting in Congress to pass staffing ratio guidelines, as well as Whistleblower protection and a zero-tolerance ban on mandatory OT - all of which probably dont affect nurse educators directly either.
    So what is your point?
  2. by   natalie

    I imagine this new group will have some possibilities. There is a listserve group that is very involved with the aspirations for this new nursing alliance. You should check it out.