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a friend and i were having a discussion. i am graduating in 4 months as a RN. i know that i will have to start on nights, as most advertised jobs on the hospital website are night jobs, the 7p-7a... Read More

  1. by   PJA2004
    I am a clerk/tech working 7p-7a's in the emergency room. Now I am debating going to 11a-11p's so I can have more flexibility in my schedule. Since being on nights the last 2 1/2 years i have noticed there are pros and cons working those hours. Administration is not there in the middle of the night cramming politics down your throat. But night shift is short handed and we dont have the perks of having extra hands when we are busy like days being able to pull from other departments. We consider ourselves the step children of the hospital. They schedule mandatory meetings at 2 pm, not trying to accomadate the night workers which really sucks. The cafeteria is closed at 6pm, so you pretty well go hungry at night or eat on the run. We dont have anyone to cover for us so we can actually sit and eat uninterrupted.

    Nights are great to work, no doubt. But your days off are depressing because you can not enjoy them since you sleep the day away. You are either awake by yourself all night while your family sleeps, or catching two hrs sleep at a time. Its the most screwed up deal I have ever seen. You feel zombied 85 % of the time, and my co workers all have stomach problems and most are on antidepressants. So, its a personal choice and one you shoudl make wisely because as stated above, nights are not for everybody.