7 mos new grad. Advice please!!!

  1. Hi. I would like to share I I feel right now. I work days in an ortho floor. I can't sleep because the night RN that I gave report to called me and asked which one is the right order. My mistake is, I typed the a wrong dose of a medication in the verbal order. But in the verbal order sticker, it was the right one. I even told the night RN how much the pt is getting for tonight. I wrote it in the MAR as well. The only mistake is I wrote the wrong dose, which will show to the pharmacy. Now I am worried and can't sleep because the doctor will find it wrong, he might think that the pt was given the wrong dose. Please give me an advice?....?

    One more thing, please give me an advice on what to do... because most ofthe time that I go home, I am worried and still think about work. I want to enjoy my day off...but since my mind keeps on thinking about work, I can't. please give me your sugeestions. I will realy appreciate it. thanks!
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  3. by   Tait
    I am not really sure exactly what you did with the MAR and all that, but you just have to find a way to cope.

    I find having a very set routine of how I complete my tasks for the night + getting charting done early helps me feel like all of my loose ends are tied up.

    From there I just grab a Starbucks on my way out in the morning and let the rest of it go!

    Best of luck!!


  4. by   heart27
    Just curious, what med was it? my best advice is if you are not sure and the noc RN is not sure, have the on duty nurse call the doc to clarify. Always think safety for your patient. The noc nurse can refer to the doc prog note, but any order change requires a vorb from the md, regardless. Your first year as a nurse can be nerve racking but look for ways to relax your mind. Maybe try the gym, yoga, or dinner with a friend. Soon you'll get the swing of it and develop your own way of organizing your shift. Hang in there cause in the end have your day figured out.
  5. by   PostOpPrincess
    You are a new nurse and you sound like a conscientious one. I hope you will learn some coping skills and teach yourself to SHUT OFF. If you do not, you will burn out fast.

    Speak with some of your mentors, nursing instructors, manager--anyone who has been a nurse for a long time to learn how to do it.

    and then...DO IT....
  6. by   Ihoplover
    Hey you made a mistake - you're human! You'll make plenty and the pt rec'd the correct dose. The dr probably won't be too uptight about it. Can't you just call pharmacy anyway? Just wondering...Anyway ask yourself this question "Has this doc ever seen another new nurse make a mistake?" YEP sure has - it's all part of learning and my experience (also new grad) has been that most drs are pretty good people and take things in stride. So here's a couple of tips:
    1) Always repeat the info back to the doc and if he/she has an accent that you can't understand just say "pardon me?" or "I'm sorry I'm a new grad, could you repeat that?" etc
    2) If you get off the phone and realize you don't have all your info straight call the doc RIGHT BACK - they don't seem to mind this too much rather than waiting and trying to figure it out on your own and it just makes you dread the phone call more by waiting
    3) Relaxation - well I sleep, listen to Christian music (&admittedly sometimes pray and/or cry about a pt or two) and then try to just focus on the other half of my life - home, kids, paperwork etc
    It'll get better - for both of us - for all of us new grads! I would love to join a gym or walk around the neighborhood - problem is not a lot of time is there?
    Take care!