7.5% Male; 4 % Fem new nurses dropped out of nursing within four years of graduation - page 6

forwarded by psna listserve. joanne laviglio from the associated press would like to interview a male, registered nurse working in a hospital setting today regarding the just released university... Read More

  1. by   mystedream
    Not long after I graduated from nursing school I started dating a male nursing student.:kiss He ended up dropping out of the program and went back to the electronics field.
    Men and women have different ways of looking at nursing and have different expectations. Some are realistic and some are not. The male nurse I work at my facility, LTC with rehab, always has a lot of complaints about how things are done. He is a GYN CRNP and works prn at my facility as a regular staff nurse. The problem is he wants the ideal, even though realistically it is not possible at the present time. Of the few male nurses I have worked with this seams to be a common problem. I wish things were the ideal, ie decent staffing, praise from the higher-ups, etc., but it can't all be done immediately.
    Women have always have had to endure, check your history books. We are more use to it. This is a good, and bad, thing. Change takes time but many forget change is neccessary. Combine the idaelistic male nurses with the endurance of female nurses and maybe we can obtain the changes neccessary.