7-11 day! Fill your containers! nurse humor, delete if not appropriate

  1. I thought this was hilariously epic!

    I've been wondering if these pee bottles are reusable or disposable. I want to do this and snapchat myself doing a little dance while sipping away with not a care in the world of delicious free slurpee...

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  3. by   AJJKRN
    Oh they're disposable alright!
  4. by   vet2bsn
    I tried sending you a PM but I don't have enough "cool kid" points to do so. Here's what I was going to send you privately!

    Hey! Thanks for the info! Rate my professer is the best lol. I'm still on active duty for another looonnngggg year and half. I'm finishing my CCAF now and luckily some of my classes will transfer as gen ed requirements. I definitely plan on attending CSN for at least some of my classes. It's way closer to my house than UNLV. It's nice to see another vet working towards the same goal. The only thing that scares the **** out of me is that I've been out of school for too long and I've forgotten everything I learned in high school. I'm already planning on taking math 95 just to refresh myself so I don't flunk math 120. Which CSN campus did you go to? I'm closer to the one on Charleston.