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  1. Pardon me if this topic has been covered here...

    I just watched 60 Minutes, about the physician and two nurses, in New Orleans, who are up on homicide charges during Katrina...

    I believe they (the entire staff) performed effective triage, made comfortable those that clearly had no chance to survive (in light of the conditions: rising water, no power, no food, and none of the day to day necessities in the hospital), and did their best to save as many lives as they could...

    Now the AG is making martyrs out of them, likely due (I can't be certain, just a hunch) to public outcry for the deaths of many patients...

    Let's support the docs and nurses who were heroes during this nightmare...

    And by making those that were most sick (see effective triage reference) comfortable, they were performing the same humane service that hospice performs...

    May they all keep their licenses and continue to serve their patients!!

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  3. by   Roy Fokker
    Hi Hogan,

    We have an extensive thread discussing this very issue in our Nursing News forum:
    Hospital Staff Charged With Killing Patients After Katrina

    There is also a thread about their defence fund
    Katrina Nurses Defense fund set up

    Please continue discussions in those threads.

    Thank you,
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