21 MONTH old with asthma, fever

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    My dd is 21 months old she get asthma a lot, she was just in hospital 3 days ago last week for it and infection and touch of pneumiona(sp). well i brought her to doc for check up wednesday he said she was doing good but still wheezing so give treatment still i told him i was doing it once at night he said that was fine, since it was not to bad, well dd now has fever of 101.9 , he also put her on singular to help her allergies and asthma well we were outdoor all day yesterday having crawfish boil, could begin outside cause the temp today, she is running around and playing but running fever, i gave her a feverall and shes cooling off, BUT WHY DOES SHE HAVE FEVER IS THE QUESTION what bothering me is that how she was before then all of a sudden BAM full blown astma within hours . Should i call doc since she just got hospital or should i wait for Monday since it Easter
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  3. by   nurseunderwater
    how is her breathing now? is she retracting? does she "look" ok?...these would be my questions having experience with my kiddos and reactive airway. let us know how she is OK? xxoo K
  4. by   Godswill
    she seem to be breathing fine, no retracting, but she is weezing alittle, but not something i would worry about, it just that it seem her asthma just goes from not so good to i mean very hard breathing and it mostly at night. I think it the fever that bothering me more, becasue every little infection or cold she get trigger off the asthma
  5. by   nurseunderwater
    As a mom....I would settle in for the night and see how she does...You can always do another neb tx tonight to ease your concerns re: her breathing. My kids temps always spiked at night, always more scary. Yet the ER in the middle of the night can be a scary and exausting experience as well. (no offense ER nurses.) I hope this helps. Little sick ones are a sad and scary thing, I know. Your a good Mama.