2 job offers!! Which do I choose?????

  1. I am a recent grad and have been blessed with two jobs offers. Both jobs are in the Coronary Care unit. I am having a difficult time deciding which position to choose.

    Hospital A is the leading authority in coronary care in the country. The position is for rotating day/nights with 2-12 hours and 2-8 hour shifts per week. The pay starts at 23.00 per hour with 0.60 increase after orientation and a shift diff of 1.00 for nights. The orientation is for 12 weeks. They provide for 6 uniform pieces per year. They offer loan repayment assistance for a 2 year commitment. Parking costs 50.00 per month and is taken directly from check. They self-schedule and within 6 months I have the option to go to 3-12 hour shifts.

    Hospital B is an excellent hospital as well. The position is for day/night rotation with 3-12 hour shifts. This position is salary and includes some
    overtime. If a certain amount of hours are obtained then you can ask for block pay which is time and a half. The orientation is for 24 weeks. No uniforms or student loan repayment. Parking costs 45.00 per month. the unit is very nice and the nurses are nice.

    I don't know which one to take. Hospital A sounds good, but I am worried about the shorter orientation. What do you guys think????
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  3. by   gemsab
    Both look good sweetie but I would chose Hospital A...........I can't find a thing wrong with all the options you have and the pay and schedule look great! But go with your "gut feelings" as that always works for me. Good luck with your decision!

  4. by   catlady
    Hmmm... I didn't know there was a single authority for coronary care. But nevermind.

    You may find you are chomping at the bit after twelve weeks, after all. And most good places will tweak their orientation forward or backward to meet the needs of the orientee. You don't want to work for salary. I agree, go with A.
  5. by   givingheart
    Thanks for the input guys!!!