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Can you tell me if you work straight 12 hr shifts, is this considered full time with all the full time benefits at your hospital and do you get paid hourly or are you salary? :spin:... Read More

  1. by   gerry79
    At my facility 32 hours is considered full time.
  2. by   caliotter3
    I have worked for one employer who required 32 hrs per week to get benefits and another employer who required 28 hrs per week to get benefits. The one with the 28 hr/wk requirements had a rule that if for some reason you fell below the required 28 hrs you could pay out of pocket the difference in order to keep your benefits in place. This was a union employer. Also, my employers (until now) have followed the state's laws regarding the payment of overtime. My current employer cheats us our overtime pay with the excuse that they get reimbursed only for straight time. I do not challege them on this with the labor board because I am just happy as a duck in a pond to be working at all. I have stated to other nurses who have complained to me that I would rather work 12 hrs straight time than 8 hrs straight time and not get anything by not working the extra 4 hrs. I feel that one of these days the employer will pay hell for cheating the employees, but it won't be because of me.

    I've been looking at some positions that are 12 hr shifts. My daughter works 3 12's and although it makes her exhausted, she has all those days off which look good to me.