12 Lead EKG

  1. Does anyone know of a site that can give me a tutorial on 12 Lead EKGs and possibly the meaning of changes?


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  3. by   OzNurse69
    This is one that our ed CNS gave us during mandatory inservice:

    hope the links work - I haven't tried this before!
  4. by   hoolahan
    Dale Dubin's book is very good, it is like a workbook, or self-tutorial, and has good pictures and is easy to read.

    Marriott's books on the other hand are very intense, but would be a good second reference, after you better understand the elctrical pathways and why waves are going in the directions they do under normal conditions and abnormal.

    Conover (Mary I think) also has a very good nursing 12 Lead EKG book.

    I know those aren't tutorial's on the web, but Dubin's book is like a tutorial, I learned that way first. And it has stuck with me.
  5. by   CEN35
    when i started i read dale dubins!!!!! he has my vote!!!!!

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    Thank you all very much!!