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How closely are your 12 hour shifts usually? Do people usually do 3 straight 12s and call it a week? I'm planning to be a new RN in the future and trying to figure out how my life working nights may... Read More

  1. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I prefer 6 on, 8 off.

    I work nights and it's easier to flip biweekly than semiweekly.

    I'm just finishing up 9 out of 11 and looking forward to my 9-day weekend.
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  2. by   knitnurse72
    I just started my very first nursing job and I work Friday 7-3, Sat & Sun 7 am-7 pm, and Monday 3-11. It's every weekend, but so far my 4 days per week fly by and I'm really enjoying my 3 days off every week, and always knowing my schedule. I was a unit secretary at a hospital before this and other than every other weekend, my schedule was never the same and I kind of hated that.
  3. by   NurseKatie08
    Quote from proud nurse
    I work 8 hour shifts, and it's my preference. Kudos to those who can work 3 12's in a row. It's just too long of a shift for me. When I have to work long hours or too many days in a row, I become extremely crabby to everyone around. I wish I weren't like that, but I can't help it.
    I love my 8's as well! I work 32 hour evenings every other weekend. I typically will work 3 in a row, have a day or two off and then work my other one.
  4. by   LTCNS
    I work 8 hour shifts as well in a low key, fairly low stress assisted living Alzheimer's home. I'm currently working Mon-Fri. 6:30am-3:00pm and it's getting to me. Starting next month I will work every other weekend with days off during the week, and can't wait to have those five days in a row broken up. I will probably work something like four on, one off, three on two off, three on, one off to equal 10 days per pay period. They tell me the weekends there are very quiet. However, if given the choice of working 12 hour shifts, I would do it to have more days off during the week.
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  5. by   DEgalRN
    When I did 12s it was all over the place. But as dayshift it was a punishment to do all 3 in a row!
  6. by   CrazierThanYou
    I work my three night shifts together in a row and then I have my four days off. Some people can't hack it, though. I have many nurses tell me that three in a row is too exhausting for them.
  7. by   martymoose
    where I am we don't get a choice as to group our shifts together( although it didnt used to be that way). So the shifts are interspersed randomly, which stinks. Home,life??? what's that . Married to the job.
    I will say that being that I was grandfathered in to a 36 hr workweek, I am allowed to work 3 8's and a 12.
  8. by   PacoUSA
    At my hospital, I do three 12s in a row on night shift. It's not a big deal in my opinion. Yes, by the 3rd night you're a little tired but at least we can keep the same group of patients all three nights and the learning curve of your patients by the 3rd night is minimal.
  9. by   CrazierThanYou
    I'm in a float pool so I rarely have the same patients two nights, much less three, but I still like my shifts together. Also, we make our own schedules, which is a big bonus, especially when I hear other people's schedules!
  10. by   BrookeRN12
    I work 12 hour shifts, 3 days in a row, it is awful sometimes, but having 4 days off every week USUALLY makes up for it.
  11. by   Jmarty31
    I do 12 but it's a level 1 so it's usually 16-17
  12. by   xoemmylouox
    When I did 12s at night I tried to get all 3-4 shifts in a row. I hated having one day off and then coming back. I prefered to have many of the same patients (demanding or not) as I knew what to expect for the most part. I miss 12 hr shifts dearly and cannot wait to get back to them. Sure I feel tired, but working 5 days a week gets old.
  13. by   Ruger8mm
    I'm curious what's so different about nursing. I used to work 4 or 5 16 hour shifts in construction and landscaping. I know many construction guys work like that. As an echocardiographer I've consistently worked 5 12 hour shifts in a row. What makes 3 12s so hard in nursing?