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Hello all, I'm starting this thread for the new applicants for the hrsa nursing scholarship 09-10. Tor prettylady, I think its a random selection. Its the luck of the draw.... Read More

  1. by   misslolalady
    I feel as though I won't get it either. I have been following this thread ever since I got my original email. And, just like everyone else, I have not heard anything since. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I can't stop thinking about it. It's driving me crazy.

    Maybe I will try calling Monday...I am sure I won't hear anything worth any value, but I need some form of appeasement.
  2. by   mbcatac7
    I have not heard anything yet....

  3. by   mistydale13
    well, i haven't heard anything either! just checked my e-mail this am... nadda. if none of us have heard, thats a good sign! we do have till the 30th. keep your hopes up everyone! no matter what, you are all amazing just for being crazy enough to go into nursing school. fingers are crossed!
  4. by   ellieut
    I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one watching my email like a hawk, haha. Good luck to everyone! We have until Wednesday, so it is still possible
  5. by   nathalie895
    could any body tell me if there is any financial aid for non u.s citizen pleeease? thank you
  6. by   mbcatac7
    Well I don't think they are very timely..so we might not here until October if we get accepted.
    I am in my 2nd year of an ADN program..so that is up in the air. But 0 efc.
  7. by   misslolalady
    Called. No new info as suspected. The representative did state that all winners will be notified by the 30th via email and regular mail. Longest 3 day wait of my life....
  8. by   shannahan
    Thanks for letting us know.
  9. by   angelp71
    i got the same story today. if no word by the 30th, no award. the rep was very flip and chuckled bc i was asked the same question three times. she said if nothing by the 30, i could 'assume the worst'. i thought it was rude. she has no idea. anyway....good luck everyone.
  10. by   misslolalady
    Yeah, the person I spoke with was incredibly rude as well. I just don't understand why people that don't like interacting with the public work in call centers.

    I wish I also knew the selection criteria, I mean, what are they going to know 2 days from now, that they don't know today?
  11. by   Medi-Kate
    Quote from Prettyladie
    What if you have already taken a loan out, then how do they pay for you tuition if its already been paid for by loan.

    The school cuts you a check for the excess amount. You can use it to pay back the loan you took out, or for whatever you need.
  12. by   mistydale13
    talk about last minute! has anyone heard anything?? well, tomorrow is the last day!! hopefully we all get good news.
  13. by   mistydale13