? to stay on med/surg or go to ER?

  1. I am a new nurse I started 1/27/01. I have been working on a med/surg floor and enjoy it but find the paperwork ridiculous! I spend more time writing and rewriting the same information on 5 different forms I barely have time to assess my patients properly, let alone spend any time with them and, I long for a challenge. Although I have had some really interesting nights, most nights I feel like I am hanging the same meds on the same types of patients and although I have learned alot I long for some more excitement. Because I work 12 hr shifts I often will get "floated" to another floor for the 1st 4 hrs and recently I floated to the ER. I really enjoyed it, although my feet really hurt even more than on the floor! I have the opportunity to possibly transfer to the ER, where I will get 9 weeks of training and ACLS certified (at no charge to me) What do you think?
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    I wish you the best of luck with your decision.. The boards are good for getting good advice.. everyone here is so nice... I just graduated in may with my BSN and I took my boards yesterday so I can't give you any advice what to do. I too am going to start out on the med surg floor to get some good background. I need help with IV's. How has it been being a GN so far?
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    It's been good overall, although the first month was really tough! But I rode it out and I am really happy I did. Also I work nights and so I find I get alot more experience, there is no one there to start IV's or draw blood so you do it all youself. But I am really glad I chose nursing, there are so many different avenues you can go into, infact my husband is also (going to be) a nurse, we met in school and unfortunately, he didn't pass the boards, so he's going to take them again in a few weeks, but he works in a psych hospital and altough it is not my idea of a great job he really loves it. I wish you alot of luck just remember don't ever give up! You made it this far and if your 1st job isn't what you want, then try again, this day and age with nurses in demand you really don't have to settle for the 1st thing that comes along!
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    Thanks Gina;

    It is so nice to hear positive things. I am always afraid of nurses who don't like GN's so I hope my transition goes well. Did you have a good orientation? I just got done an ER intern, and an OR intern and I loved it... so if you like the ER I say go with your heart!!!
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    Thanks for your advice! I did have a good orientation, except it was on days and I'm really a night person, so I dragged my butt till 1 or so and getting up in the morning was a killer!
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    gina, i came right out of school and went into er. i dd my med-surg time during school, and can personally never see myself as a med-surg person on the floor? truthfully, ans far as gn vs seasoned? we have had new grads that were awesome!!! new grads that were terrible. on the other hand, we have had seasoned people that suck, and some that were awesome!!! there is only one way to find out, and that's go for it!!!!