"Red Flags" of Drug Diversion - page 5

Listmates, My post is intended as a way of "helping" us in our work settings to possibly identify a peer or colleague who might be actively diverting drugs. None of us wants to "rush to judgement"... Read More

  1. by   finn11707
    Yes, quite sad. It is why it has gone on a such a long time probably even though patients and staff have voiced concerns related to some of the more overt signs...appearance of being loaded, frequent offers to prefill morphine solution syringes for patients who were not even using their morphine, also, a few ? missing patient narcotics reports by caregivers and staff. One staff member did caringly meet with this staff member to discuss and support concerns in the workplace and encourage seeking help...substance abuse issues were admitted (not diversion however). There are lots of jobs for nurses without direct access to narcotics. Seems these jobs might be better choices when working toward recovery. I don't know, it is a very tough area. Nurses are already struggling with various aspects of nursing culture in general. Perhaps there is ambivalence to speak up about this--not only because of confidentiality guidelines but also because of the overall potentially negative effect on the integrity of the nursing profession as a whole. We need to face it though, (the stats are startling),and come up with a compassionate and safe plan to address this patient and workplace safety issue.