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Greetings and Happy Holidays to allnurses.comers. Just a FYI on applying to another state for license "reciprocity." I don't know why it's called "reciprocal" because, as I have just discovered, you... Read More

  1. by   sirI
    All states accept reciprocity, but some do it in slow motion. I had to apply for a Mass. license for a job I had and I felt like I was back in the dark ages. Thy wanted criminal investigation forms, credit checks, etc.
    You are still referring to endorsement, not reciprocity. Again, reciprocity deals with NCLEX exam only. All states are reciprocal with the NCLEX exam. It is automatic.

    Endorsement deals with each individual state's requirements for licensure.

    Reciprocity=NCLEX exam accepted in all 50 states

    Endorsement=licensure requirements for the individual states
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  2. by   mtnheart
    After reading all the reciprocity posts from back in 2007....it sounds like
    the state I am coming from needs to send my NCLEX and graduation transcripts
    to the state that I want to practice in. And I pay a few, of course. Then I wait and wait
    and am given a License in the new state? Is that what happens?