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  1. Where I work we can now pull up our paychecks online. One of the nurses was questioning her overtime pay. I got to looking at all of my checks from the present to years ago. Looks like OT isn't quite 'time and a half' like it says in the employee handbook. If you read carefully, it says OT is one and a half times your 'regular rate' of pay and then clarifies that 'regular rate' is a calculated amount that takes into account an average of your base pay and non-discretionary pay... whatever that is (differential?). Basically, it amounts to you making about 17% extra for OT. Dang, I can't believe I haven't noticed for nearly 10 years that I am not really making 'time and a half'. How does your employer calculate OT?
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  3. by   NurseCard
    Geez, I've always assumed that it was time and a half of base pay. But I've never really sat down and calculated. Does seem though, like whenever I get even one shift that's full of overtime, my checks are significantly bigger.
  4. by   Larry77
    I'm not sure how my company figures it out but I know there is different OT...we have premium OT, extra shift OT, holiday OT, and double time OT--all are different rates of pay.

    I think there is some "think tank" in our subbasement that figures these rates out