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  1. I am soon to be an RN, and I am very excited. However, I was wondering about a couple things in between the lines...

    As nurses, we have the same goal of helping people, which puts us in a position of being health care providers, mentors and leaders. Does anyone think that the population as a whole sees us as all 3 of these things, or do most patients seem to think that doctors only hold such positions. And why do you think they may forget that nurses have more to their title than what's printed on the name tag?

    All input is very welcome, and thanks so much for all responses in advance!

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  3. by   bellarosa
    Hi Rachel,
    Patients have many different views of what a nurse is. Some will think you are the best thing ever while others will think you are their own personal waitress. As nurses we all must try to strenghten the reputation of nursing. Some of the things we can do are taking the educating aspect of our job seriously. Patients need to know a lot of things and we should try to really teach among all the other tasks we do. Also, joining organizations and becoming involved will help the profession. Mentoring is very important. This forum is very beneficial to the profession with all the useful info.
    Take care.
  4. by   Dayray
    The public perception is really squwed when it comes to nursing. Some see nurses as saint like people. others overestimate the scope of nursing but sadly the vast majority think nurses are lackies that run around to please the doctor, fluff pillows and empty bedpan's.

    I work Ob, patients come in and then are sent to the labor deck where we assess and decide on a plan of care, then we call the doc and let them know what is going on and get orders for all the suff we do. If problems arise we deal with them and then call the doc and get orders for that stuff. I dress it up and present it to the patient as if their doctor is activly involved in the decistions being made but the truth is that they are at home sleeping and we call them for delivery or c/s.

    Pateints offten ask "when is my doctor comeing?" or "does Dr so and so know what we are doing" becuase on TV the doctor is there doing all the stuff nurses do. It's quit a reality shift for them and I've had a few become angry becuse "I havent even seen a doctor". What they dont realize is that TV makes docotrs into hero's when they are just part of what goes on in hospitals and in actuality a very small part of it.

    It's made worse by the fact that doctors also buy into the mith that they are the end all be all of healthcare. Recently I had a patient walk in with an abruption the babies heart beat was in the 40's and then for a few min there was no heart beat. We (the nurses) took her the OR, got a CRNA in there to put her to sleep, grabed an OB and told them to cut her, they of course did and we got a good baby and mom in the end. When the pateints attending came in she said "why was'nt I called until after she had surgery?" lol I mean I guess she thought we did'nt know what needed to be done and that we should have had a "DOCTOR" tell us what to do. the other funny thing was that after she woke up from anathiesia the patient was explaining what had happend to her mother and she said, "all the doctors were working really fast" she dident even see doctor because the Ob that did the C/S came in after she was asleep. still to her and to everyone else that Doctor is the one that saved her baby and we (the nurses) just fluffed her pillows and emptied her bed pan.
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