*cry* another preceptor problem...

  1. I feel so so low and i can't help but cry right now. I have gone thru a month of training in this hospital and have tried to do my best and present a positive attitude but my preceptor has always made me feel as if i don't measure up as a nurse. I am assigned at one of the most toxic floors med-surg and i am a new nurse (graduated a few months ago and just got my license). I haven't done anything to put my patients at risk. Today is the end of my training but my preceptor won't let me extend (as she felt I needed to do) after what happened today. I went to the patients room to nebulize (with nss not a med) and the watcher in the room said the pt. was nebulized a short while ago so i didn't neb. I was already there and was going to do it but the watcher said it was done. The watcher then said otherwise after endorsements and only made a big deal of it when i reached home when i was texted to call the hospital asap. I gave my story and that was that. Then my preceptor texted me and said i made her day horrible. She doesn't know how awful i feel. I texted her and apologized regardless of who is at fault but got no response except "you won't be extending your training anymore." This could only mean I am not hired. She is the one evaluating me and earlier in the day she said i didn't pass unless i prove myself next week which is supposed to be the extension week (which won't happen because of the incident). I review my notes at night to make sure i learn from my mistakes and smile even if i feel sad during my duty but it won't get me hired and i feel depleted. What am i to do?
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm so sorry. Good luck. I don't know your system there in the Phillipines to offer any advice.
  4. by   jerryh55
    I have 2 questions about what happened. First, is the watcher like a sitter who just sits with them and what do they actually do, and are they employed by the hospital. I am one who really doesnt appreciate someone peeing on my head and telling me its raining. I would direct ur charge nurse to the watcher and verify that she in fact told you that. If she did,a dn the treatment wasnt given, why did she lie about it.
    Secondly but most important, any med or treatment should always be documented. Was it documented that it had been given, or did you look. If you didnt look and took her word, your just setting yourself up for a fall based on a person who doesnt have anything to lose as you do. In the end it is your responsibility to make sure it was given, but I do love the smell of someones feet being held in the fire while you make them fess up or whatever u call it.

    Be Safe
  5. by   purplecotton
    Yeah, I agree it was such a gullible thing for me to do. If I didn't see it, i shouldn't have taken her word for it. At the same time what could she possibly have against me? I was being nice to them and they didn't seem to complain about anything. She was a helper, like their maid. I didn't even delegate it to her. She just said she did it. Afterall, i was there for the purpose of doing the neb. If she hadnt spoken i would have gone thru with it. What i am concerned about is with all the possible mistakes trainees and even experienced nurses have committed in their job, is this fair that i shouldnt even be given a chance to extend my training or be hired? In fact, i have been able to insert foley catheters, do numerous ngt and peg feedings, inserting ngt tube, suctioning, iv meds, etc. without endangering my pts while many other trainees with other preceptors have not and yet they have been hired. I feel like it has been blown out of proportion and i feel paralyzed to do anything.
  6. by   barefootlady
    Hi purplecotton,
    This seems to be a situation where you need to seek help from a higher authority than this particular preceptor. Is there a possibility you can do this?
    I would attempt to speak to this "watcher" and have her verify what she told you about this neb tx. I would also present, just as you did here, all of the skills and treatments you have mastered to this higher authority and attempt to have them interceed for you to continue with this hospital.
    It is sad but true that preceptors often are overburdened when training other staff . I am sure you will remember in the future to check for documentation of care and treatments rather than take anyone's word they were done. A NSS neb is not life threatening and could have been repeated if there was any doubt it was done. I do not mean to lecture, just make an observation.
    I will pray for you to have a positive outcome to this problem. I hope He showers you with blessings. Have a good day.
  7. by   purplecotton
    I appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers