$20 million more for Nurse Reinvestment Act

  1. The American Nurses Association Department of Government Affairs seeks your help in gaining funds for the Nurse Reinvestment Act.

    Thanks to all of your calls and faxes to the Senate, we were successful in obtaining an increase of $20 million in FY 2003 funding for the Nurse Reinvestment Act in the Senate version of the Omnibus FY 2003 Appropriations bill! Now, we have to convince the House of Representatives to agree to this increase.

    The House and Senate are entering conference negotiations now. The majority of the conference is expected to be finished by February 7. It is important that every single member of the House hear from their nurse constituents supporting this funding. The House is looking to cuts funds from the Senate bill, and our $20 million could be hotly debated. Your support could make all the difference. Calls and faxes to either the home or Washington, DC office of your Representative is needed now. You can find your Representative's contact information at www.house.gov. The Capital switchboard number is 202-224-3121.

    Ask your Representative to "please agree to the $20 million in funding for the Nurse Reinvestment Act included in the Senate bill." Contact ANA Government Affairs (202-651-7094) with any questions regarding this alert. And thank you for your commitment to nursing!
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    I think being half way there is something to celebrate.