Gave 2 weeks notice, can I call off to get PTO?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I gave two week notice. Have two personal days available. Have 8 days of vacation available and will not be compensated for those days when I leave. Would like to take the two personal days for my last two scheduled days of work. Should I?

Dear Leaving,

Some states (California, New York, Wyoming, among others) stipulate that benefit time is cashed out with the final check, but apparently yours does not.

You could request paid time off days but the company can refuse to grant it on short notice and if there is no coverage. They would have no incentive to accommodate an employee who is leaving.

Typically personal days have to be pre-scheduled. You could call off or call in sick and be paid out of your personal days (assuming that is how your policy works). You wouldn't have gained any money, but you would have gained time off.

Your employer will likely see this for what it is, and may even assign you a "Not eligible for re-hire" status. Depending on staffing, this move could also leave your team short-staffed.

It feels unfair to have to forfeit your paid time off but since you have already given notice, your best option moving forward is to work the 2 weeks.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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