Gateway lpn evening 2017


Has anyone received placement for the pn program at gateway community college for the evening cohort in spring yet?

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Hi! Are you talking about Gateway in Phoenix, AZ? Just curious because I plan to apply during the next open application date. Are you hoping to start in January or June?

You can actually apply at anytime, I applied in march 2016, in waiting for spring 17 placement


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Hey! I received last minute placement on the 22nd of December and I applied in June 2016, I had to take the evening cohort because a spot opened up right away and I took it, its been crazy having less time to prepare but I'm excited!

Congrats! I will be in evening cohort as well! I'm excited about Monday!

Hey ladies! How is it going? What is your school schedule like?

how is studying for nutrition/ fluid and electrolytes/ Acid-base going? anyone else confused with all the lab values.


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Hi! How did your semester go in the evening pn program I'm starting the evening Pn program in August. Did you work at all? Were your classes 5-9pm?

No some where from 8-4 pm which were on Saturdays some off days that were for lab from 8-4 as well not very many but majority were 5-9 pm