Post-Op Guidelines, procedures

  1. We are working to revamp out post procedure guidelines. Currently the patients stay an hour minimum, after 30 minutes if all is well and progressing they can eat a FULL meal prior to discharge. What other guidelines to you see out there?
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  3. by   dazedandconfused
    On the unit where I used to work- we would keep patients a minimum of 30 minutes after the last dose of medication given. If their vital signs were stable and their ride was there, they could leave. We offered crackers and something to drink, but not full meal. Length of stay post op depends on each units case load per day. We would have anywhere from 30-60 patients scheduled per day- hospital based, 6 procedure rooms, 12 rooms for pre and post. We could never keep every patient for an hour. There were some that stayed for longer, but most wanted to get away from us. I don't know why

    Not sure if that answers your question or not. But hope it helps a little.
  4. by   at2726
    All of our GI patients stay for at least one hour. If they are doing fine after thirty minutes we give them somethink to drink, and they have the option of crackers as well. We monitor VS every 5 mins x 3 and then every 15 mins x 3.
  5. by   shele001
    We keep our patients for a min of 30mins. Kids usually will stay about 1 1/2 hours. If we give any reversal meds then it is a min of 2 hours before they can leave. Usually just give soda or water, occasionally give crackers
  6. by   GIRN
    WOW! We use propofol with anesthesia in our hospital based unit and keep our patients anywhere from 20-60 minutes. We give them something to drink about 3-5 minutes after their procedure is over and take their IV out after their second Aldrete of 8 or higher and acceptable back to baseline vitals. Of course, this changes if the patient is having difficulty but in most cases, patients are in and out in an hour and a half to two hours. We wouldn't have enough beds if we kept them longer.
  7. by   GI.girl
    We use propofol and our patients stay less than 30 minutes. They are not offered anything to eat and only water to drink.