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  1. I just started working in a clinic where we do EGD and colonoscopy with the Doctor and the anesthesiologist. We normally have 10-16 patients per day but the procedure is so fast that i hardly have the time to sit in between procedures (and i clean the scopes too and prepare the patient). Today, we have 10 patients (3 egds and 7 colon) and the whole procedure lasted 4 hours or less. Is this normal in a clinic? I feel like working in the ER, can't even go to the bathroom and im so exhausted afterwards. I dont have any experience working in the hospital so i don't know the working condition.

    Thanks for sharing
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  3. by   MaelRose
    Just my opinion: I work in a Hospital GI with basically one doc and we do on an average 15 to 28 procedures a day. We never sit or take a lunch break and have to "make" time for relieve breaks. While I disagree with this it seems to be the way it has been and will be. Our days are generally 10 + hours. If anyone has suggestions I would be interested in them as well.
  4. by   LibraSun
    Staffing is an important factor here. You should be given breaks every 2 hours or so (there is a law about getting breaks, you know). Our unit has a charge nurse who acts as relief for breaks and lunches.

    And Yes, endoscopy suites are danged busy places!! They are giant money making machines and the more that can be squeezed from the staff the more $$ in the till. At the same time, you need to take care of yourself, so that your career doesn't crash and burn (not that the people making the big $$ are going to care, because there are more where YOU came from)-- so make the point to your manager that you NEED those 15 minute breaks and that you will be taking them( which you can do between cases--before the pt is sedated) Stand up for yourself-- no one else will if you don't.
  5. by   Brownms46
    I have worked in a GI specialty Clinic in a hospital, and now a freestanding GI Center. At neither place have I ever seen, anything like what you're describing.

    At the first place, we had a "comfort"/recovery room, where we did the admissions, and recovery. Two to three people staffed this room, depending on the volume of cases. Two nurses staffed the procedure room, with one circulating nurse to assist each room, by getting meds, turning over the room, transporting pts, etc. The Charge Nurse would assist with breaks, when she wasn't doing Sigs, or otherwise busy. Otherwise we each relieved each other, or utilized the circulating nurse. There was a scope washer, and those who relieved her for breaks. We were hoping, but never too busy to get breaks, and we had an hour for lunch. But the days were long sometimes. We did inpt, and outpt, EGDs, Colons, Sigs, ERCPs, and sometimes even assisted with Bronchs for pulmonary.

    The second place I now work, is even better than that. We have 7 beds that we use to start off the day, and we admit and reovery in this area. We have a least two and sometimes three nurses to handle this area.

    Then there are two nurses who handle the procedure rooms in the AM and two for the PM, that cover two procedure rooms. We do only outpt EGDs, and Colons.

    Everyone must be able to stand, and turn on their own. No one over 350lbs is done there. We also have three GI assistants who wash scopes, order supplies, and assist with recovery, amb pts/ assisting pts, and cleaning beds.

    Our CN assists with giving breaks, starting IVs, and anything to help the flow. Easiest job I have ever had! We're able to play any music we want within reason, and everyone works together.

    I couldn't imagine working where you are I agree with the poster above. I would take my breaks!
  6. by   EndoRN
    It sounds like you need more staff!
    We have the same pace, BUT we have a tech who processes our scopes for us. That's a HUGE timesaver!
    Sigh...needing staff and getting it is two different things, though.
    If they don't want to hire another nurse, move on!! GI nurses are in huge demand right now! Colon cancer awareness is really increasing and business is booming. (at least where I live!!).