graduating RN with 11 years Endoscopy Tech experience

  1. OMG!!! I absolutely love GI. I have been a Surgical Tech in Endo for 11 years, and have gone back to school to obtain my RN. I have my ACLS, BCLS, IV skills, and SGNA associates. But......I can not break into this field as a new RN. I am willing to relocate or do whatever it takes to get back into the Endo Lab. If anyone has any suggestions......PLEASE......let me know :bowingpur
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  3. by   LAnursingstudent
    Hello Endo Tech. I am in exactly in the same position as you are. I thought I would easily be able to find a job as a new grad and if that didn't work for sure a G.I. R.N. will all the experience I have in G.I., but now all I'm hearing is about budget cuts and no new Grad proram openings, experience required as a G.I. R.N., and worst of all I live in California where I'm told that on top of everything else, I'm living in the hardest hit state as far as "financial budgets" go. All the G.I. job postings I see are for techs and LVN's. Now I'm really regretting going back to school (never thought I'd say that). Good Luck!!
  4. by   Carolbknits
    Where does one get GI nursing experience-is there a specific GI floor or just regular medical floor?? Thanks
    love hugs and prayers
  5. by   LAnursingstudent
    The only way to get G.I. experience is working in a G.I. Dept. My experience is as a tech only, but I am real interested in working as G.I. R.N.
    Good Luck,
  6. by   Erindel RN
    Hi, I am not a nurse yet, but am interested in an endo tech position. I actually have an interview for a position tomorrow. I know the basics of the job, but if someone can give me a little more detail about what they do. What would a typical day entail? Do the techs work well with the docs? Any answers would be helpful. Also, goodluck with your search for a gastro rn position. I would maybe try contacting an endo center or maybe a contact person from your previous job.
  7. by   dnd8393
    I to had several years as an LPN in a GI Lab. When I went back to school 5 years ago to get my RN, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in the same GI Lab. I still get the opportunity to do procedures--but I also do conscious sedation during the procedures. Having your ACLS, BLS and GI experience will be a great asset. Have you thought about working at the VA? They are always looking to hire RNs (new doesn't matter). The VA of the past is gone--the VA system is trying very hard to change its image--and is doing a fantastic job. As for the person asking how to get into the GI field--GI offices offer a good opening into the field. Also, if you want to work in a hospital, most offer OTJ training. Good luck!!!!
  8. by   lizsn
    Yeah!! I got a full time Endoscopy RN position in St Petersburg Florida. It is a small hospital and most of my work will be done in Same Day Surgery untill GI picks up. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Good luck to all of you looking for the same and thanks for the support!:heartbeat
  9. by   katfoster
    What state are you from? In Washington state OR tech's are working out of there scope of practice if they are working as GI Tech's. We are hiring RN's in the GI lab and are asking for experienced GI Nurses. Puyallup WA
  10. by   LAnursingstudent
    I'm in California, I was a certified surgical tech when I worked as a G.I. lab tech for 6yrs. After getting my R.N. license, I applied for several G.I. R.N. positions but was never even called for an interview.

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