Endoscopy and Call

  1. Just curious as to how many endo RNs are required to take call. And if so how often are you on call and how often do you get called in.
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  3. by   katfoster
    Between the two nurses that we have we pull call for 7-10 days straight. We do have two techs that pull call and pull nurses for CS from ER and ICU. We will also pull techs from OR if needed but it comes down to a lot of call.
  4. by   EndoRN
    When I worked at the hospital, I took call about once a week and a weekend every other month or so. It wasn't too bad.
    Now I work at an outpatient surgery center and there is NO CALL !! Yippee.

  5. by   Endo Diva
    Hi all. We have call every 10th weekend...Fri.,sat,sun, then every 9th week day or so. I'm late 9:30 to 6:00 so I often get stuck doing the after office hours cases which is CRAPPY!

    There is one RN on call weekends and one endo tech. It's supposed to be emergencies only but if its one of the Ladies you can figure on putting in lots of time on the weekend....what is it with the women docs??
  6. by   twink3110
    Hi! I'm an LPN on call for the endo unit....we always have a team (1 lpn and 1 rn). We take call about every 7th week-end and than about ever 8th week day. And like Endo Diva it all depends on who the Dr.s are that are on call on how much your called in. On Sunday a team was in for 18 hrs........that was terrible!! We usually can count on at least 8hrs of being called in on the week-end. Its nice money(time/and half) and $2. to carry beeper.
  7. by   jburris
    We average call one weekend a month and one night a week. Beeper pay $3.65/hour with time an half if called in. Saturday is a regular work day and we average between 2 - 3 OP and as many IP as need to be done (usually everyone is gone by 4 p.m.). Saturdays during the day, we have 1 RN for procedures, 1 tech to assist, 1 RR RN and an instrument tech. Sat. call hours start at 4p.m. with 1 RN and 1 tech (LPN or endo tech). Located in Florida, west coast.
  8. by   nursejacki
    Our Endo unit has 24 hour call because we are hospital based. We have 4 full-time RN's and 1 full-time tech (just lost our 2nd tech to an out-lying facility for more money!). Our call consists of 1 nurse and 1 tech after hours and on weekends. We always have a 2nd RN on until 7p weekdays and from 8a-12p on Sat/Sun. The 2nd RN is for recovery IF we have more than 1 case back-to-back and also if we have a gen anes case (due to policy at our facility and state rules). I schedule each call nurse every fourth day and then fill in the back-up nurse per staff requests, etc. The call nurse and tech are the last to leave after cases. We have no doc or pt restrictions as to hours of cases, except for weekends, absolutely no outpatients! We get a lot of call-back hours at time and a half and beeper time especially during "season". The extra money is great, except when we get called in the middle of the night! :blushkiss
  9. by   issa
    In our endo dept we are operational 24 hrs call starts at 5:30 pm and stops at 7:00 am. On weekends it starts at 5:30pm Friday and ends 7:00 am Monday. There are always 2 on call. We get paid $5 an hour to carry the beeper and time and a half if we get called in. Pay starts from when we ger the page. Usually we take call once a week and one weekend a month. I can spend anywhere from 2 hrs to 18 hrs in the dept on a weekend day. Besides GI call we also do Bronchs.
  10. by   LibraSun
    We are a teaching facility, so week days the Attending and fellow are on call. We do 1 weekend in 6 and have a standby oncall for ERCPs. Only RNs are on call and that call is 5pm Fri to 7am Monday.
  11. by   ENDOgal
    Hi, I'm new here. At my hospital we have a crew of 2 staff RN's & 3 staff lpn's. We have 2 other RN & 1 Lpn for back-up if we are on vacation out sick ect. WE average 220 cases per month.

    We all share call. Therefore the other Rn & I share time. We usually take 2-3 weekdays, and every other weekend. However, I have covered the past 10 days (other RN on Vaction). ANd have only been called in once.

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