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    I am considering a career change from acute care nursing to endoscopy nursing. I am also in the process of considering getting pregnant in the next 1-1.5 years. I was wondering if any endoscopy nurses had feedback on risk of exposure to radiation/ etc. in endoscopy. The facility I am applying for does ERCP and the position is strictly procedures, I would not do pre/post procedure care. I am just trying to get a feel for the safety and if this is something I should go for in my career now, or if it's better to wait until after I have a baby to lower my risks.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Facilities are required to monitor radiation exposure. Lead is required to be worn. You will be given a dosimeter badge to wear that will track how much radiation you are exposed to. If you become pregnant, there are policies to handle that as well. In my facility, pregnant women wear a specific piece of lead and will wear 2 dosimeters- one on the collar that collects information about all radiation and one at the waist under the lead that collects information about radiation exposure to the fetus. Many women have become pregnant in environments that involve radiation exposure.
  4. by   I<3Endo
    We had one pregnant nurse at the most recent hospital I worked at in endo. She actually did not do any procedures (bronchs, EUS, ERCP) that were using fluoro. Even wearing lead, the hospital felt it was a risk. So maybe check & see what the policy is? Hopefully they'll accommodate your pregnancy if you choose to coincide it with this career change.
    Good luck!