Do you really like your endo job?

  1. I have an interest in endo, however, I wondered why people like it? For me the fast turnover of patients would be great. Can someone describe their schedules or/and their call schedule? It's a hospital department not a seperate endo center. So both inpatients and outpatients. Is it boring is it routine that you like, is it low stress? No call lights and no one going through DT's while you have 6 or 7 other patients pulling you in different directions sounds like heaven. However, I would love some replies. Thanks.
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  3. by   kagarciaRN
    I went from working 12-hr night shifts on a med surg floor to endoscopy. I am in heaven! I love how interesting the cases are, giving sedation, only having 1 patient at a time, and never having to stay late at work to finish up charting. I work four 10s per week. And take night call once a week. I always thought I wanted to be an OR nurse until I started my current endo job. I have been doing endo for 1 year now and plan to never do anything else!