Do we need to rotate a balloon type PEG tube?

  1. To prevent Buried Bumper Syndrome, a PEG with internal retention dics should be rotated 360 degree and in/out. But how about the balloon type PEG tube? (as Buried Bumper Syndrome rarely occurs for those balloon type?)

    The water content in balloon should be checked weekly. Should "new" water be injected after checking or just re-injecting the "old" water is okay?

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  3. by   brownbook
    Mechanical Complications in Long-Term Feeding Tubes | CE201-60 > Content

    I am not very computer savvy, I Googled around and found this web site that seemed to cover some of your questions.

    I wish Allnurses was better at some of the more technical questions nurses ask than the generic, venting, complaining posts. Although I love to post on those!!!