C-Diff and infants? - page 2

Has anyone heard that c-diff is common in an infants stool? My specialty is geriatrics and when a pt has c-diff we treat it. My sister's baby is breastfed and 2 months old. She has had blood... Read More

  1. by   nursepgilpin
    My daughter is 9months and we are being sent 2 1/2 hours away to children's hospital due to her being positive for c diff. she has liquidy diarrhea x5 days now and her butt is so messed up and bleeding. I am a nurse and have never heard of a baby getting c diff butshe for sure has it. the el is horrid just like adult patients I have taken care of. we will see what doc says tomorrow.
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    It's not typically something infants get, but I've seen it quite a few times. I hope she clears it quickly... the smell IS really ssomething!
  3. by   traumaRUs
    Going to close this almost 6 year old thread. We wish you the best.