gag/heaves/nausea after CABG


My 69 y/o husband underwent CABG x3 with mitral valve repair 01/08/08 and in the following 5 weeks has lost 40 pounds from not being able to eat/drink without instantly heaving. It is better controlled now with reglan and we inserted a picc line for TPN which was started Tuesday. Labs are WNL except for alk. phos on last admission (last Fri through Tuesday) at 196 (then down to 185, then 165--drew another today) GI thinks may have be d/t dehydration but fractionated level indicates liver so we are sched for CT abd to r/o malignancy. NO jaundice, abd pain... EGD neg, stool for culture and C. Diff neg too. This am tolerated a GLASSFUL of crushed ice, yet now had instant heaves after one small spoon of orange jello (he said tasted TOOOOO strongly of orange--taste perversion.) has NEVER vomitted, only heaves. Coumadin was stopped last Sat as all of his S & S are SE of coumadin. We have GI and cardio on case and my husband is family practice himself, --no idea who else to consult...?neuro??

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated


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It is definitely in your husband's best interest that a licensed physician provide all of the recommendations and ideas regarding medical care and future interventions. The membership at is not in the position to give any medical advice.

Let's hope for a good outcome for your spouse.

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I'm sorry but we cannot provide the information you ask. Please seek medical advice from his PCP.

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