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GA perimeter college

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Anyone know how I can get a list of graduates from GPC Nursing for the past two years?

No clue. Why do you need it?

I am trying to find the name of a particular individual who has told me they graduated from GPC in Nursing. I have been told by AllNurses that I can not put their name in an e-mail, which is fine, but I seem to be stymied in finding a list of Graduates. I contacted GPC and was told that they could not tell me whether this individual graduated from their, hence, if I had a list of graduates I could check it. Something I thought would be rather easy ie. public record of graduates, but I have met with much consternation... Thank you in advance for any help.

I graduated from GPC. You could send me a private message and I could tell you if I know them.

Hello Rollie,

How long did it take for you to receive a response back

from the GaBON after GPC sent your application for licensing?

I don't remember exactly but it took way longer than any of my friends at other nursing schools. Weeks.

Well thnx for the info Rollie,

I got my ATT w/in 6 business days from GPC sending my app out. Very fast! I guess it must have gotten faster since you applied. I plan on taking the NCLEX in the next couple of weeks :pumpiron:.

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