GA, AL or TX NICU:which would fit me?


Hi Georgia, Alabama and Texas NICU nurses!

I am lost even I just started a research. But no one else can truthfully answer my questions but fellow NICU nurses. Will be relocating in next 3 years with whole family due to husband's early retirement and we still deciding which area in USA but looks like we narrowed down to 3 states: AL TX and GA. As true and " anal OCD NICU nurse" (ok not really but..) I like to do research way in advance and make my life changing decision fully informed :) I don't want to leave my current NICU at all. But I will have to... (tear) So help me please!

Currently I work in the most awesome, most organized, evidence-based (falling apart..but..) :) level 3 NICU in teaching hospital around Chicago. Open floor plan, MDs are always 20 feet away 24/7, formulas made by nutrition, transports via air and ground and nit to mention wonderful nursing morale. Teamwork at its best. Everyone wants to work there, so nurses are happy. I make 30/hr by now. I wish I could relocate my unit to a warmer state! Worked here for 8.5 years, have pretty good skills by now, NRP instructor and etc. Anyone can offer me a good similar NICU to look into based on this? If you love your nicu- why? pros and cons? I would love to hear about it! How can I decide? I cant's visit more than a few. Help!

Thank you in advance!


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I'm not a NICU nurse (yet! Hopefully soon) but I'm originally from Alabama. I would say look into UAB. There is also a level III NICU in Huntsville, where I'm from. As for a warmer climate, Let's just say that it's hotter than the devil's worries about that! :) I live in North Indiana now but I would go back in a heartbeat.


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I worked at Cook Childrens for 3 years and loved it. 80 bed unit spanned over 2 floors, all private rooms. Neo and NNP's in house 24/7, milk is mixed by dedicated milk bank techs, equipment tech's so you never have to clean an isolette. You will see anything and everything here. Level 4 NICU and Echmo. I left making $34/hour plus shift diff. You won't get a day shift position when first hired, so that is a downfall. But, the morale is usually great and I have made some life long friends there.


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Thank you so much! Thats exactly what I wanted to know. My current unit also has lact.mixing formulas,service associates cleaning everything, nnp or 2 MDs 24/7, we see everything but dont do echmo. I do transports air n ground and we have open pod 50 bed unit. No private rooms and praying to find another hospital similar to mine. We are zeroing in on Alpharetta, GA so now the search is gonna get more intense lol thank you again!


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@verytallnurse-- if you're looking into Alpharetta, I would look at Northside Hospital, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and Northeast Georgia Medical Center! All 3 have really awesome NICU's!