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I am a college student and my major is nursing. I would love to work in pediatrics or emergency nursing. Do anyone have any suggestions on how I should pursue that. Also would I need to acquire any extra training or would I be able to go straight into those fields?

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Get a job as an ER tech or EMT if you can. The experience will benefit you tremendously. Soak up all you can. There is a lot to learn!

I did an internship with an EMT and I loved it.

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As for the ER, There are a lot of places that hire new grads, just check to see whats the usual in your area. EMT internship is a great idea, if you can get more emergency experiences (Er tech?), that would look great also and work to prepare you for the real world. There usually isnt extra training before you start, but after youre hired you'll have to get ACLS & PALS at the very least. Probably a Cardiac Dysrhythmia class or two. If you can shadow or have clinical in the ER or follow the NM, go for it. :D good luck.

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