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Hi, I am new to this site and thanks to Brian I finally got logged on. I am currently an LPN licensed in Washington State as well as Texas. I live in Washington. My question is, I want to further my education. I am currently employed at an Assisted Living Facility and absolutely love my job. I have gotten so much gratification working with my Residents and at this point in my life, I cannot feasibly quit work to return to school full-time to obtain my RN. Are there any programs such as home schooling, distance learning or correspondence classes that provide for any of the studies in an RN program? I know that I would have to do my clinical rotations but I would cross that bridge when I get there. The nursing schools in my area are very difficult to get accepted into due to federal funding or rather lack of, class sizes cut due to staff shortages, etc. and at my age of 45:( I don't have that many years before I retire but I would still like to further my education. I hope someone can shed some light at the end of the tunnel for me. Thanks in advance.


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Excelsior College offers an NLN accredited ADN degree for folks just like you. Ther are not classes or clinicals. You study on your own and take exams to get your credits. The clinical part is covered by a one week-end exam in a clinical setting in a reginal hospital.

The exams are comprehensive and for most of the written nursing exams you get 4 semester hours of credit each. Excelsior provides you with a blueprint of each exam and you can consult with nurse educators at the school at anytime for help advice and questions. Once enrolled you can chat and get together on line with other students. There are workshops and other study aids available through the school.

I am doing my RN to BSN through them.

Excelsior College

7 Columbia Circle

Albany, NY 12203-5159

Phone toll free 888 647-2388


If someone talks about Regents College be aware that is the old name for Excelsior .

Ask for thier nursing cataloge.


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and welcome to the board, karla. all the best to you.


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Welcome to the board, karla from another WA resident and RN. glad to meet you!

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