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Have you any funny stories about things that have happend to you or your mates I have one

Once me and my mates kara and charlotte went out to have a drink I had two and Charlotte had 3 and kara had 5 far too many when you have work the next morning for kara anyway when we got too work me and charlotte we couldn't find kara anywhere it turned out that she had spent the night in a linen cupboard up on the ward don't ask me how it where pretty funny because she was well hungover and me and charlotte said to her we told you to stop at 2 drinks she had an asprin and this calmed her headache down but she was sent home a few hours later because she was feeling unwell me and charlotte have never let her live it down since


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I once spent half a shift with toilet paper stuck to my scrubs. Still haven't lived that down.

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I once spent half a shift with toilet paper stuck to my scrubs. Still haven't lived that down.

Oh, no!! I thought I was the only one! I had gone to the restroom, and I am a little OCD and lined the seat with toilet paper. The station called a code blue, and jumped up in a hurry, tucket my top into my scrub pants - along with a long trail of the paper hanging down the rear of my pants. Of course, with my hot flashes, I did not wear a lab coat, either. Figures!

I was also flashed at the nurses station, a pervert asking for "Nurse Goodbody". Ignorant me, I replied that I didn't know that nurse. He opened his coat and showed us his business, not too impressive, either!

Anne, RNC :D:D

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Ohhh I have so many stories to add!!!

First off. . .when I was going to nursing school clinicals. . . First day of course. . . I had leaned up against a tree in the parking lot while waiting for my friend. As the entire class was taking the elevator up to the third floor, it was observed that I had ants in my hair. They must have been in the tree that I had leaned against. Back then I had a A lot of hair (before I got it all cut off last year). OH my class never let me live it down. They were those BIG ants too. I went into the bathroom to pull them all out, but as soon as I got back out on the floor, the nurses who worked there kept pointing out that I had more ants in my hair. So, then I went and WAHSED my hair, in one of the showers. That knocked out most of them. It was very embarassing seeing all the total ants that were in my hair. Even after washing. . .I'd still find a few. Sadly it was too late. . . There were ants crawling around the unit.

I wanted to crawl under a rock, but as time went by, it did become funny.

Next story:

Recently, while at work. A nurse that I work with brought in some of those nasty flavored jelly beans as a joke. There were some regular flavors that were identical to some of the freaky flavors (earwax, skunk, vomit, pencil shavings, booger, dirt) There was a whole array of them. I bit into one that tasted like dirt. I obtained the box, and read all the flavors. For some reason I felt the need to see if all the beans REALLY were flavored that way. I must say. . .they were. . . yeah, that was entertaining. LOL

There will probably be more to come from me on this thread.


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I had my final preceptorship at a Same Day Surgery/ PACU unit at an army hospital near my university.

My first week there I ended up getting my feet wet by doing the pre-op teaching and assesments on various patients. The first woman I did this with was a middle aged woman who was in for pre-op on the breast biospy she was having in a week.

I hadn't done anything like this before so I was stumbling through the questions and teaching but this woman really helped out by having a great sense of humor.

The next week, after convincing the nurse to let me do more "hands on" nursing she placed me with someone in the PACU.

Just as I walked in, I hear someone drunkenly yell to the entire room "Hey everyone! THATS AARON! See him? Hes a nursing student and hes a senior and his name is AARON! Just thought you all should know..." at which point she fell asleep

Needless to say, there in bay 1 was the same patient I did pre-op on the week before all prepped for surgery and receiving the IV sedation "joy juice".

When she was done with the procedure I had the pleasure of recovering her as well. She immediately recognized me when she was wheeled in from the OR and began talking to me while I started my assessment.

When it came time to check the incision site though I paused and the nurse went to the patient and asked me if it was all right for me to asses the incision.

She looked around at the female nurse, the female CRNA, the female tech, and then at me. She frowned as if thinking something over, looked at me, nodded, and then announced: "I'm betting you have all seen at least once pair of breasts, so why the hell not!"

She then proceded to pull her gown off.

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I work in LTC. Two of my residents are a husband and wife with dementia and 2 cats. They don't always remember to feed the cats. Some days, they don't eat until I come in with the bedtime meds, and remind them to feed the cats. One cat gets restless when she gets hungry. Sometimes she will run out the door in search of food.

One day, the cat ran out of the door when an aide walked in to do HS care. Another aide's cart was around the corner. HS care includes picking up food trays, which usually have leftover food. The cat ran around the corner and came back with a roast beef sandwich from a tray. She was quite proud of herself.

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