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fun thread! funniest or silliest thing you have done at work so far!


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:uhoh3: this is not funny,

but it is a silly thing that i did.

my first week of working i was explaining to the mom while the six year old child was listening to the poc.....

and the last thing i said was "and in the morning she will have some blood tests"

omg! it was my first week working as an rn and it slipped out of my tongue and the six year old started crying hysterically!:cry:

i was so embarrassed infront of the parent, and i was so mad at myself for saying it infront of the child, now when the i explain the poc, i tell the parent in private, or i will write it on my paper then show the parent.

never again will that happen!:bugeyes:

Just yesterday I was at the unit desk, looking up a doctors phone number on the computer, that also has his picture on it. A doc came up behind me and said " Uh, that doctor is sitting right next to you." They all howled with laughter, and I felt like a complete idiot!:mad::D

labrador4122, RN

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LOL, that is silly and funny!

the same thing happened to me. I got a phone call asking for the resident, and I yelled out loud "is the resident here?!" and he was sitting right next to me! he said 'that's me!'

and everyone around me laughed!

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I'm sure this isn't the silliest thing I've done, but it's what comes to mind at the moment. I was covering the Epilepsy monitoring unit with five seizure patients on continuous EEG and one trauma patient who didn't have a bed on the trauma floor. Broken leg or something like that. So a bed opened up and we needed to move him, since we had an admit coming in the am. Hustling to get him moved while still passing the last of my 2200 meds, got it all done, and as they were wheeling him down the hall, it occured to me that the last thing I'd written on his transfer note was "No seizure activity noted at this time." Which was true.

the silliest thing I've done is while changing the tubing on a normal saline IV...while still hanging I removed the old spike and received a mini shower:uhoh21:

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