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As a fourth semester full-time nursing student, I recently just chose to complete my RPN diploma on a part-time basis. I know that to some this does not make sense but for me I want to still want to provide quality nursing care upon graduation. In observing my peers, many of them already admit that their work performance is less than half best, motivated by too much drama amongst themselves. As I go out into the workforce, how do I explain this to perspective employer's when they ask me why I chose to make this change for my future?

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Do any prospective employers look at how long it takes to complete school? I've never been asked.

My husband began his MBA work in an accelerated full-time program. He finished it in the one night a week program b/c he had to get a job. I wasn't making enough to support the family alone. His dedication has never been called into question either, nor has he even been asked if his program was full- or part-time.

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I'm not sure it would ever even be an issue. What makes you think it's a problem?

I don't get the connection between full/part-time courses and subsequent work performance?

p.s. Prospective, not perspective.

I appreciate your words of wisdom with the approach that my decision is one of dedication when talking with employers.


I have heard that employers look at full-time to part-time often as not being dedicated to becoming a nurse. This is why I ask about it. Also in regards to subsequent work performance, many of my peers are already not putting much effort into their work performance at clinical and such because of all the drama in the full-time program. For me, going part-time shows my willingness to stay dedicated to becoming a "happy" nurse! You are right, thank you for reminding me it is prospective and not perspective:)

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