FSCJ/FCCJ LPN Spring 2010 point system


I have an 8.5 out of 10 points (tabe plus gpa divided 2); anyone know if my score is good enough for 1 of the 24 slots available for Spring start? Any feedback/advise about the program would be greatly appreciated, thanks...


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Have you heard anything yet? I missed the deadline but am planning to apply for the summer term. Good Luck!!


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No I haven't heard yet and it is driving me crazy!!! I will reapply if I don't get in this time. I have been working on my pre-req's in the meantime. What about you?


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I applied with an 8.25 and haven't heard anything yet. The RN program (most people) found out today, by email and snail mail


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I've been following along with the other thread, I am happy for them. Nope I haven't heard a thing very discouraging though. I hope we both get in!!! :sniff:

are you sure that they caluculate it like that? my paperwork says something totally different:confused:...anywho, the point is, this waiting is just TOO DANG MUCH! I mean come on, I submitted my paperwork back in AUGUST and they only have 24 spots, so how hard can it be for them to choose 24 people with the best overall scores and CNA experience? actually, CNA experience only counts for .5 point, so I didn't bother with that part, but now I wish I had just submitted paperwork from my employer to verify my CNA work history. I guess I didn't think a gazillion people would be applying to the LPN program, sheesh...

if I don't get in, I will not reapply. I will work on prereqs for the RN program instead...although there is a "nursing shortage" in America, life's too short for all of these hoops.:angryfire


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Here's what mine said maybe I am the one not calculating it right.

Applicants are ranked for admission on a point scale of 10-5. Overall rank is determined by averaging the rank from the TABE and the rank from GPA or GED. (ok add the 2 scores and divide by 2, that's how I read it.:o) Bottom of the sheet has it written that way. TABE + GPA /2= OVERALL RANK. How did you calculate?

Any who, I'm in agreement with you. I'm working on my pre-req's now and if I don't get in I'm just going to move forward to RN. Geez the late is waaaayyyy toooo long. Glad I started on my re-req's this semester (I have 150+hrs. non-nursing hours already, which is hard to boost GPA)

ooopsie...my bad...it does say 'dat :imbar...

ok, then my score is 8.650, which means JACK! since we don't know how many people applied, what sort of scores they have, if they have the CNA experience or what! I know one thing thou...I've been following some of the RN threads and I've got to get my GPA up for reelz. those gals are breaking out the 3.5-4.0's and STILL praying to get into these RN programs. Everybody and their Aunt Peg is applying, so the competition is ugly, then once you finally make it into the dang program, you've got to study your bunz off to stay IN. I work in a hospital and I see people doing their clinicals; the clinical classes get smaller as the weeks progress:sniff:. Getting into the RN program is JUST the beginning, staying-in is a different story.

I'm really debating on if I want to keep after this ; I would also make a pretty good elementary teacher...


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Hi! Just wondering if anyone has received a acceptance/denial letter for the FCCJ LPN Spring program??? I'm no feeling so confident..I mean I'm not the worst student, but 24 spots??? :icon_roll


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Well I sure don't think an 8.6 is bad at all but at his point we don't know what we are up against. That would mean a perfect score of 10 for the 24 spots- highly unlikely. But that is my opinion and here I thought that I may have a chance, now I am even more discouraged.


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I received my acceptance letter for the January Spring 2010 Nursing RN Program on 11/14/2009.