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I just found out that one RN program (Associate's) has it's first opening in June of 2007! Is anyone else running into this issue?

Currently, my husband and I live in the Mpls area, and will be moving to Northern MN to live w/my mother, who will watch our child while I go to school. My husband will be working full time while I'm doing this, and although funds will be horribly tight, it'll be worth it when I'm done.

Unfortunately, there are only 3 schools in this area that offer any nursing programs - the first is a private 4 year college, the 2nd is an LPN, then RN, program, and the 3rd is the one with this waiting list.

I'm just looking for some advice...I've applied to all three, and am hoping to get enough loans to make it through if I get accepted to the private college, however, if I don't, I want a backup plan...



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It took me two years to get in and that was during the shortage of the 80s. CAn't you commute to another school or go to any branches of your main campus?



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Unfortunately, there would be a 2.5 hour drive to the closest school...even carpooling would be out of the question in that case. But thanks for the thought...


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I know. It can be so irritating. Especially when you are so pumped to start! It has been difficult for me. And then you have to consider that most programs are on a can't just start anywhere at any time. I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted. I was told that I would know in November. Keep in mind I applied back in April. The program starts in January.So if I am denied into the program due to lacking a credit...I have to be put back on a waiting list until whenever. GRRR! God willing is all I can say! It is difficult planning your job and your life because you are waiting to hear something...Can I move? Can I accept this job? Should I go part time! I know. I can sympathize with you. Good luck to us both! :rolleyes:


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Good luck in any case

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