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Frustration and advice please


Hello everyone,

I have recently relocated to the Long Island area and I am just feeling absolute frustration right now. I understand that it is difficult for everyone to find a job right now and I was feeling lucky about having a position, but I ended up being terminated from it because I "blew the whistle". I feel so upset and feel like a failure. My first RN job and I was fired. I don't know how to handle this in the future. What I reported was falsification of medical records, inadequate training and practicing outside the scope of practice for LPN's. I did the right thing, but I am still angry. I guess I just need to vent to other RN's and maybe get some advice.


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come into NYC, try NYP, alots of jobs open

I have tried, I am beginning to believe part of it is because I have an ADN. Do you work there?

That is messed up. What happened? Where were you working? Were you working as RN or LPN? I'm so sorry to hear this.

I was working as an RN and was being told to "adjust" the times for when vitals were taken. I had a doctor who was in a hurry to leave, discharged patients at 1730 (according to his signature) and I wrote in my chart that I gave them meds at 1745. I didn't feel comfortable doing this and was then told I wasn't a "good fit" for the facility. In all honesty, the place is going to have something bad happen there and I don't want to be there when it happens.


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You really lucked out. If something did happen as the new person you would have been thown under the bus. I bet the state regulatory agencies would be interested in hearing your story.