Frustrated w new company


They are new to me and new in general, and very small. But they are wasting my time and I'm getting frustrated. During the application process, company wanted all of my credentials including immunization records. I sent everything to 2 different people. They said it would be added to my file. Ffwd...

Today is Wednesday.

1. 5 days ago on Friday evening, I verbally accepted a job.

2. I signed contract and sent back on Monday. The contract had a contingency typed in that i work a block schedule. After signing contract, I was told they are still waiting to get contingency approved. I told them I needed to know by evening time since the housing that I lined up needs me to lock Down the housing by Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.

3. Finally got word Tuesday afternoon after I kept on them that it was a go. However, my housing fell through because I waited too long. Owner of new company said he will find me something and call me back. I told him I'll live in a studio and can furnish myself, but NO to a Motel/extendedStay/efficiency and no more than x amount.

4. After owner and I hung up, the recruiter called and said she heard I won't stay at n extended stay type of place, but that's where owner is putting me. And if that's not acceptable, I need to break contract now because if I wait any longer I will be on the hospital systems DNR list across the state. I told her I have faith in the owner and I'll wait until I hear back from him. If I end up breaking contract and becoming a DNR, so be it.

5. Owner calls with housing that he found, but it's a

Six-month lease. I said I cannot commit to 6 months right now as I have no idea if I will like the job enough to extend, or, if they'll even extend me. He said he'll have lease put in his name. I was very impressed by that. He had no pics, but he gave me the address.

6. After housing was cleared up yesterday (Tuesday), they asked for all my credentials and immunization records AGAIN. Ok, sent. I then said I will need all computer tests to be sent to me on Wed or Thursday of this week as I'm going out of town on the weekend and then leaving for the assignment next week.

7. Today is Wednesday and they again asked for credentials that I've now sent twice. I then asked again about computer tests and they didn't have that info yet. I asked when I can move into the apartment next week, and owner said he'll call me later (8 hours ago) but I haven't heard back. I asked about drug screening and I was told it would be today, when I followed up a few hours later, they were still looking into it.

Tomorrow is Thursday and i feel like this is going in circles. Nothing accomplished yet. Ive done my part, including getting a physical and flu shot paid by me. I've had enough, but I think I'll give them until Friday before I say contract cancelled. I've never cancelled a contract, but I can't work like this.


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