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Frustrated Please Help!!!


Ok here is my issue. I am an LPN. I graduated RN school in 2012. I didn't take my test until the end of my two years. I failed of course. I am about to start the RN Refresher Course in Oklahoma, so I can take the boards again. I also want to take a review. Which do I take?? The Hurst, NCSBN, or the Kaplan?? Please help I don't know if I need content or just questions.. at this point I don't know, and I am so frustrated and kicking myself for not taking the boards right after school. Please help!!! Thank you in advance.


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I think you'll find that your answers will come down to personal preference. I preferred Kaplan myself. Good luck!

Lev, BSN, RN

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After you didn't pass NCLEX, you should have gotten a score report in the mail which detailed your strengths and weaknesses. Hurst is good for content. Kaplan for questions. Kaplan does cover content, but its focus is answering test questions. There is a course book that students are supposed to review. Then there are content videos. NCSBN is the least expensive choice and from I've heard their questions are similar to NLCLEX. I used Kaplan myself and felt it was a very good review. NCLEX for me was more straightforward than Kaplan. I'm a big believer that if you use Kaplan properly you can succeed. The only thing I believe Kaplan did not cover well for me was rhythm questions, but I studies this by myself anyhow. I took the Kaplan course at end of 2012-2013. Another book which I think is necessary in addition to Kaplan is the Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment book by Linda LaCharity.