Frustrated new grad

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Hi there,

I recently got my one and only interview for a new grad position after a month of applying.

the interview was on a Friday with the nurse manager one on one and lasted about an hour. Typical interview questions were asked and a few basics about the unit. I feel like it went good. Of course I was nervous, but I felt like I connected with the nurse manager. At the end of the interview she informed me she would call me in a few days to let me know her decision.

On Tuesday I was received a shocking email that I was not selected for the position at this time. I was expecting a phone call because she informed me at the end of the interview that she would call me either way.

Friday comes and the nurse manager calls to tell me things are taking longer because of an issue. She didn't really clarify, but she would let me know by Tuesday or Wednesday. I didn't mention anything about the email I received because it slipped my mind.

Now it's Monday and I'm getting anxious so I decided to check online. It still says I was not selected at this time, but I noticed that there was a posting for the exact position I applied for now open on the job board.

Do you think this is bad news?

Ruby Vee, BSN

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Hospitals often leave postings for entry level positions up, especially if they're filling more than one position. I wouldn't read too much into that one. Of more concern would be the email that says you weren't selected.