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Frustrated with hospital


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Graduation is days away and I am becoming more and more anxious over getting a job.

I have two jobs as a nurse extern at two separate facilities. One in ICU. One in Med-Surg.

The Med-Surg job is closer with better benefits and no contract. However, I really dislike the facility as a whole. First of all, it took me three semesters to get my job in the first place because I could never get a call back, yet other students who were graduating after me were getting jobs because they knew someone who worked their already. The nurses on my floor are unfriendly to newcomers, don't work as a team, gossip constantly, and abuse their techs/cnas. So obviously, I am not going to work on that floor. Then I got floated down to the ICU SD and the staff was even worse, especially the unit secretaries...I was shocked. So I called the Nurse Recruiter and she said that ICU was full (my preference) and that she had two openings in PACU (which sounded awesome) and openings in SD (which I said no thanks). The NM called me from PACU and told me that they don't hire new grads (which I initially expected) but they did not have any experience requirements listed on the job posting like their other specialty units (OR/CCU/Cath Lab) and the nurse recruiter didn't tell me that initially. Isn't that her job?

So now, I am so disappointed. I would love to be closer to home and they have an awesome retirement savings plan (they match you double what you put in up to 5% of your annual income), and I would not have to sign a contract. It's a brand new building with upgraded equipment. But the working environment and general attitude of the staff just sucks, for lack of a better word. Nobody smiles or speaks to you when passing in the hallway, and it just feels like an 'every man for himself' attitude prevails.

So I am taking the job in ICU, which is where I want to be, at the other hospital. I love the hospital and its staff. They are extremely friendly and have the best orientation program in this area. They are teaching oriented and everyone works as a team. I just hate the idea of signing a two year contract, especially knowing that my 6months in orientation for ICU doesn't even count towards that time.

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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Take it from someone who has been working for many, many years. It is more important to be working with people who are friendly and that you can get along with than for the money or the fact that it is closer to home. Coming home in tears on a daily basis is just not worth it, believe me! It sounds to me like you've made a good choice. I'll bet your "time" goes by a lot quicker than you're thinking it will.

Hi asoldierswife05,

I agree with Daytonite. There is nothing worse than a toxic environment for anyone, but especially for a new grad. A big part of what a new grad needs is being comfortable asking questions while you build your skills and confidence. I have seen the toxic environment and trust me, you do want to steer clear. There is nothing positive to be gained by the "hazing". In my opinion, you made the right choice.

Best wishes to you.

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