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I will be taking classes at Delgado this semester because I am interested in applying to their nursing school. I am taking A&P 1 lab I took the lecture already, Math 118, and I thought about taking Micro or Psychology depends on whats available Friday. I looked at their application information and the deadline for next Fall when I plan to apply is December 9 and for Spring 2013 is May 12, 2012 which sounds alittle crazy based on deadlines of other programs. I know the Hesi A2 test has to be taken prior to submitting the application but do anyone know if A&P 2, Math Survery and the humanities has to be taken before applying. If so this is frustrating and putting me way behind. Thanks.


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I don't believe A&P 2, Math Survery and humanities have to be taken prior to applying. At least not according to the Application Instructions for Fall 2012 which states:

B. What is needed to Apply

* ENGLISH 101 COMPOSTION or the equivalent

* COLLEGE ALGEBRA (Math 118) (If a student transfers in Math 130, the only lower level math course available for credit as the second math will be Math 120.)

* Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab or the equivalent must be completed before students can apply to program. If Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab is completed the courses must have been completed within 5 years of entry ( fall 2007).

* HESI A2 - Please see HESI section

* Cumulative GPA - Overall grade point average in all college

work ( all colleges attended) of at least 2.0 on a 4 point scale.

* CSN GPA - An overall grade point average of 2.5 in any general education and required related courses in the School of Nursing curriculum. A student must have grade of "C "or higher in all required related courses and general education courses.

* Delgado GPA- All Delgado students must have a Delgado Community College GPA of 2.0 or higher to be eligible.

Also in the Admission Requirements it states:

8. Completion of at least 4 semester hours of Anatomy and Physiology I (3hrs. of lecture; 1 hr. lab), 3 semester hours of English composition and 3 hours of non-remedial mathematics are required before applying.

Do you have the English done? That's needed more than AP2 or humanities prior to applying. Of course, the more pre-reqs and required courses that you have under your belt when you apply will help to increase your profile score to get in. I know you can take AP2 while in nursing school. I'm in Basics (1st semester of Charity) right now and someone in my class is doing this. I wouldn't recommend it though. There is so much information they are throwing at us right now that I couldn't imagine having to take AP2 at the same time. It'll be less stressful if you can get everything done before you start Nursing School. If you have all the requirements met, I'd still apply as soon as you can. If you get accepted, you'll still have almost a year to get the rest of the courses done. Call the Nursing School itself if you have any questions, don't rely on any advisors at City Park.


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You don't have to, but you get more points for your profile score when you have it done (which makes it easier to get in).


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No you dont need a/p 2, hum, fine arts, or 120 to would have more points but you can take them while you wait.You will have 2 semesters to wait from application to start date so plenty of time to finish before nursing classes start. Ipplied for the dec16th deadline but will be notified in april if accepted into the fall classes. It is definitly a waiting game at delgado