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I am a cna on a med/surf floor on night shift (7p to 7a) and I am very frustrated with the cnas on the day shift. First I am very aware that each shift is busy and the work on each shift is hard respective to that shift. When I come in the day shift cnas are sitting down chatting with each other or on their cell phones. So I automatically assume that all the patients are clean, completed meal trays are picked up, and the trash are emptied. This is not case. Last night several trays were out some where the patients still had trays for all 3 meals out. Trash over flowing where I would have to empty it to put anything in it, BSCs full, linen from a shower still in the bathroom, and feeders with trays that haven't been touched. When I come in the cna will sneak and lay some written report by me and run to the elevator. Then when I check the patients I am furious by the 3rd room. I always do a last round about 6am to check the patients and to leave the rooms decent so that when they come in they can spend a few minutes with the patients. Not quite, they will go to the break room or go down to get breakfast. I know this because I have stayed after shift to chart I/O.

My mgr and charge say you can't complain if you don't do waking rounds. I did, but that doesn't mean they will stay and do anything. What to do, what to do?


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Keep going up the chain, I guess. However, if the charge and NM for the unit are fine with this disgusting set of circumstances, be prepared to get nowhere. You seem to have found a toxic unit. You may have to look for another job. That's what I had to do to get out of my toxic unit.

And who the hell doesn't clean a BSC right after use? Blech.

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I feel your pain. It is really disgusting to have to start your shift cleaning up other peoples' messes. I agree 100% with RK. This is a very poorly managed unit.

All that you can control is the care that you give.

It is a waste of your time and energy to try to confront the

issue and change their low standards. It is not your responsibility to counsel lazy negligent employees. You are not paid well enough to do all of that. Let the nurse in charge of the patient inspect the rooms and write it up. I would not let my patients be neglected or myCNAs, yes I said my CNAs, be dumped on like that.

If the patients and families are dissatisfied, or angry that the patient was not fed the evening meal, ask them to go to reception and file a formal complaint. Payment reduction can result from low HCAPS scores.

Start positioning yourself to try something new. I think you will be much happier in a orthopedic unit, particularly one that specializes in TKRs and THRs and has very high standards of care and housekeeping.

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Written complaints with names up the chain of command work well. And don't be afraid to look your co-CNAs in the eye and say, "Yes, I was the one who complained about your laziness. If that bothers you, I don't care."