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Frontier NP program


I love the things that I"ve read about this school, but I am concerned about the name being so unrecognized. DO any of you foresee this as being a problem when it is time to look for a job as a Frontier graduate?


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I was looking at midwives in my area and I know the one who owned her own business had her resume up online and she was a Frontier grad (early 90's I think) and had worked at hospitals before going out on her own.


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I have never heard it described as "unrecognizable". It is a well established and respected school. Mary Breckinridge was a pioneer in public health nursing. She's famous among nurses and public health professionals.

FYI, I don't go there. I know many midwives and ARNPs who have gone there, though.

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I don't know if it will pose a problem, but I'm sure it is more recognizable in some areas of the country vs. others. Here in my area, no one has really heard of it (at least in my NP circles - it might be more popular in midwife circles).

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Frontier is probably the most recognizable name for CNM programs in the country. Yes, their NP program is newer, but it's still pretty well established.

It depends on where you from as to whether or not it's well known. I'm from Kentucky, and would love to be able to attend :) The thing with Frontier is that it's the original, and it's concentrated on nursing (all categories) so it may be "better" than a university that teaches everything from politics to education to nursing to engineering, etc.