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Frontier is FANTASTIC !


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I just returned yesterday from Frontier Bound. Any doubts I had about choosing this school were really erased by the end of the first evening. The faculty is wonderful. They are warm, down-to-earth, and truly want each of us to succeed in our edeavors. It feels like I have joined a family.

The school has a mission that permeates the entire atmosphere- they intend to change healthcare in this country for the better. There is a huge emphasis on evidence based practice. And, for a school in a rural location, their technology is incredible. The banyon tree (their internet based student communication center) and Angel (the online testing and classroom component) are truly state of the art for internet learning.

I am a city girl and was told by some colleagues that Frontier would be too "granola" for me. Well, after seeing firsthand what the school is really about and the quality of the students that were present at my session, I guess I'm all for granola! lol. Seriously, the people that tried to dissuade me didn't really have a clue. These are highly intelligent, motivated men and women who are prepared to succeed in a very difficult graduate program.

I can compare attending Frontier to the difference in care from an obstetric and midwifery standpoint. If all you know is Pitocin, forceps, and 3rd degree lacerations, it's still good that at least it's over and the baby is out. But if you then receive midwifery care and experience choice, empowerment and joy in birth, all the other choices pale in comparison. Who is their right mind would pick the first choice?

Just my opinion, of course, but an informed one. :wink2:


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Here here!

Shannon, you articulated our experience very well, especially as our fearless student council rep. :loveya:

I had few doubts going into this program actually. Even if the program turned out to be very granola, I would have loved it anyway, since I tend to have very granola-crunchy tendencies. However, seeing just how technologically advanced and linked the program is - I mean, my goodness, it's so far in the mountains that you barely get cell phone reception!!! - blew me away. Frontier is truly a "modern pioneer" in working towards both education and health care for women and families all across this great country of ours. They have hospitals, clinicals, outpatient centers, outreach services........and more! They are so much more than "just" an educational program.

Frontier, I am honored to be a part of your ever-growing family.:heartbeat:yeah::loveya:


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My friend just graduated from Frontier. Seems to be a good program.

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